Get the best out of Xcode and speed up as an iOS developer by automating tasks and setting up an efficient environment in Xcode.
Antoine van der Lee shares his learnings from over 8 years of iOS development to learn you how to indicate repetitive tasks and improve upon them.


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Antoine van der Lee

As an iOS engineer at WeTransfer, Antoine’s work is focused on code architecture. Both on the job and in local development circles, he is best known as not only the guy who gets excited about finding new ways to structure processes and poise development teams for timely delivery, but also as an engineer who likes to have fun while working. Antoine is passionate about contributing to the iOS community and particularly enjoys speaking on best practices for structuring code architecture in a way that creates sustainability, as well as open sourcing frameworks and how iOS developers can be more successful in their work.
Among other things, his 8 years of experience includes work on development across multiple platforms for large global companies such as WeTransfer and RTL, as well as apps for various entertainment brands and startups.

– Blogging weekly at www.avanderlee.com and https://medium.com/@ajvanderlee
– iOS Developer at www.wetransfer.com, leading development of the iOS app with millions of monthly active users.
– Tweeting daily about Swift, iOS and Xcode at twitter.com/twannl
– Earlier presentation this year at AppDevcon (Amsterdam) and MobOS (Cluj-Napoca)