GraphQL was released publicly in 2015, since then it has become popular as an alternative to traditional REST APIs. For iOS developers a number of open source projects have sprung up to help iOS developers interact with GraphQL servers.
In this talk we discuss why GraphQL might be useful for mobile developers, demonstrate how to create a simple iOS app with a popular GraphQL client library, compare that to a REST implementation, and cover some of the potential pitfalls that might occur.


  • 14:50 :


  • Sala Giolitti :


  • Networking, Serverside :

Daniel Leivers

Dan has been an iOS developer since the launch of the App Store and has worked on apps with a variety of different clients including The Wall Street Journal, Audi, Cartoon Network and more. He is also one of the organisers of SWmobile, a mobile focussed meet up group in the South West of the UK.