Developers have wanted the chance to interact with Siri since it was first announced, but until iOS 12, it was limited to a small group of developers. In iOS 12, the power of Shortcuts allows you to much more fluidly interact with Siri, and have your application work with powerful system-level Shortcuts.

You’ll learn about the award-winning indie app that became Shortcuts, the easy and hard (and maybe even Galaxy Brain) ways of working with Shortcuts, and a few limitations of Shortcuts that will leave you itching for iOS 13.


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Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Shapiro is an iOS and Android developer for Bakken & Bæck’s Amsterdam office. She’s written and edited tutorials for for the last 5 years, and this year co-authored her first book for their team, Kotlin Apprentice. She is working in her spare time to help bring songwriting app Hum to life. When she’s not writing code, writing about code, or speaking about code, Ellen is usually biking around the Netherlands, traveling as much as she can get away with, playing sous-chef to her fiancée Lilia, or relentlessly Instagramming their cats.