Functional optics, like lenses and prisms, are incredible tools for manipulating data structures in a declarative and composable way.

Let’s take a deep dive into functional optics in Swift. In this talk we’ll explore more optic types than just Lens and Prism, and unlock their ability to compose at multiple levels. We’ll then leverage composition to operate on complex data structures, avoid Optional handling with the Affine optic, and explore more sophisticated usages that go beyond data manipulation.


  • 16:00 :


  • Sala Giolitti :


  • Functional programming :

Elviro Rocca

Elviro worked for some years as a Materials Engineer before focusing on his true passion: functional programming. He is the lead iOS Developer @ Facile.it and his main field of interest is applying functional concepts and techniques to real-world programming problems related to iOS and mobile platforms in general.