Designing Better App Icons

Michael Flarup

Danish designer, entrepreneur & keynote speaker

Debug like a Pro

Vadim Drobinin

iOS Developer, IT-Consultant, Public Speaker

Getting started with Server-Side Swift and Vapor

Tim Condon

Software Engineer @ BBC and Founder of Broken Hands

Siri Shortcuts

Ellen Shapiro

Native mobile developer

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Rikke Koblauch

Product designer.
Building @godosteps Previously @ustwo

Two years of UI Testing

Tomas Camin

iOS Software Engineer @ Subito

Two years of UI Testing

Francesco Bigagnoli

iOS Software Engineer @ Subito

Demystifying ML in iOS

Calogero Sanfilippo

iOS team lead @ Accenture

Demystifying ML in iOS

Federico Malesani

iOS Software Engineer @ Accenture

Advanced Swift Optics

Elviro Rocca

Lead iOS Developer presso Facile.it


What happens when your customer needs an app only for a limited group of users, like only for its employees?
Which tool can be used for quick app prototyping?
How I manage developing solutions that need both an app and interfaces for different devices, integrated with the rest of my company solutions infrastructure?
Here are the speakers of our extra track, where we’ll introduce how those cases can be approached with the FileMaker platform.

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