RxSwift is a well-known, broadly adopted reactive framework that is sometimes used only for network-related stuff such as API calls and chaining.
This common misunderstanding steers developers away from such powerful yet complex framework, as they can’t see why they should go through the (steep) learning process just to refactor some networking code.
Let’s prove them wrong! RxSwift and RxCocoa are also great for UI stuff, and can dramatically increase development speed when combined with UIKit components.


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Stefano Mondino

Stefano is iOS Technical leader and Mobile team supervisor at Synesthesia srl .
He’s been developing and supervising more than 100 iOS apps since 2012, focusing on team productivity through code reusability, design patterns and best practices.
He was speaker at 2017 “RxSwift: is it really for aliens?” workshop.

Stefano says, “Italy really needs an event that helps to advance the iOS community. I’m excited to be speaking at this first edition and looking forward to meeting all the other dynamic speakers and developers who will be attending.”