UITesting, is a great tool to automate testing of iOS applications and has been constantly improved by Apple since its introduction in 2015.

In this session we’ll share our experience leveraging this technology at a large scale. We’ll provide a set of good reasons to start adopting it showing how we managed to solve its main pitfalls with some custom developed tools.


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Tomas Camin

Tomas is a software engineer at Subito, the leading classified marketplace in Italy. He doesn’t like waiting for the compiler so, at Subito, he does his best building tools to make writing iOS code fun, fast and safe. Before starting at Subito and when computer vision was still a cool thing he developed TennisCamera. When he’s not playing with his son you’ll probably find him building things both on and outside of computers.

Francesco Bigagnoli

Francesco started developing for iOS soon after getting his first iPhone in 2010, and he immediately fell in love with [square brackets] and the Cocoa aroma.

After completing his CS degree, he began working in Subito and, today, he’s the main contributor of one of most popular apps in Italy, used by millions of people every month and awarded by Apple as one of “Bests of 2017”.