The International Swift Conference

-> Bringing together developers, designers and project managers at all levels of experience with the Swift platform.
-> Outstanding learning opportunities: essential topics such as SwiftUI, RxSwift, Swift frameworks, Swift Package Manager, plus testing, design and user engagement.
-> The best iOS agenda of 2019: with iOS experts from Gett - the ride sharing app, Backbase - a digital banking platform, Wayfair - an American retailer.
-> Engage with the Swift community, share and build ideas and take away first-class information to implement in your work.

Featured speakers

Stefano Mondino

iOS Technical Leader @ Synesthesia

Multimedia engineer with multiple programming languages knowledge.
7-years+ experience in mobile applications development on iOS.
More than 100 apps developed and delivered.
Full-stack development and devOps
Currently working @Synesthesia as tech leader of mobile area (iOS and Android) and team leader of the iOS team (15+ developers)
Creator of Boomerang, a Swift micro-framework for MVVM rapid development
Creator of Murray, a Swift CLI for software project templating and quick scaffolding
Open-source contributor to the RxSwift Community

Presentation, 15 November, Wrapping things with Combine
Workshop, 16 November, Automated integration and deploy with Fastlane and Jenkins

Fabrizio Brancanti

Mobile Team Lead @ NEXI s.p.a.

A lifelong learner, automation enthusiast, DevOps lover and Mobile Architect with an eye on design.
I have been developing for iOS since iPhone OS 3, I have started with Objective-C and then moved to Swift since version 1.2.
I also tried a lot of technologies like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS for web development and Java, Kotlin and Cordova for mobile apps.

Presentation, 15 November, Conquer the Bot world with Swift



Deep dive into this year's most important topics at the Swift Heroes workshops

Immersive Workshops

Choose the right workshop for you and gain all the skills and tips that you need

The Swift Heroes workshops, 16 November, Turin, give you the chance to get really detailed on the most important Swift topics for this year:

  • Automated integration with Stefano Mondino: In this hands-on workshop we’ll dig into some common CI/CD techniques that moves build and deploy processes to another machine, using tools like Fastlane and Jenkins.

  • Swift UI with Daniel Steinberg

Dedicate four hours to massively improving your understanding and capabilities in these two critical areas.

Full Workshop Details

A SwiftUI Kickstart with Daniel Steinberg

In this fast-paced workshop, we’ll create examples of apps using SwiftUI and Combine.
You’ll learn to use various components, controls, layouts, and navigation.
You’ll learn five techniques for working with data.

Automated integration and deploy with Fastlane and Jenkins with Stefano Mondino

In this hands-on workshop we’ll dig into some common CI/CD techniques that moves build and deploy processes to another machine, using tools like Fastlane, to write common scripts to provision, build and deploy your app to Fabric/Firebase and/or AppStoreConnect, and Jenkins Pipelines, to host your process in-house on a local Mac.




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iOS Marketing

Team building


Teaching iOS dev


Green development



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