Fabrizio Brancati

Mobile Team Lead

Nexi S.p.A.

Fabrizio Brancati
Mobile Team Lead - Nexi S.p.A.
A lifelong learner, automation enthusiast, DevOps lover and Mobile Architect with an eye on design.
I have been developing for iOS since iPhone OS 3, I have started with Objective-C and then moved to Swift since version 1.2.
I also tried a lot of technologies like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS for web development and Java, Kotlin and Cordova for mobile apps.

You can do more than just produce mobile or desktop apps with Swift, you can use it for backend projects too. I'll show you how Swift can be used for backend projects by creating a production-ready bot for the Google Assistant Platform, that works on macOS and even Linux, with no external tools, only by using Swift! A demo of the working bot is included!
15 November 2019 15:30 - 16:10


  • Server side
  • Bot
  • Google Assistant