Vincent Pradeilles

iOS Software Engineer


Vincent Pradeilles
iOS Software Engineer - Worldline
I'm a lead iOS developer, at Worldline, Lyon 🇫🇷 I started doing iOS development back in 2011 and for the last two years I've been working on the iOS apps of major French banks.

Swift 4 introduced KeyPaths, a literal syntax that allows developers to reference a property, in order to evaluate it later. Yet, for some reason, their addition went quite under the radar, and as of today they remain something of a hidden gem within the language. In this talk, I aim to show you how KeyPaths can be used to implement simple yet useful patterns, like the Builder, but also how they can be the building foundation for more complex pieces of code, like a library to manipulate data in a very declarative SQL-like manner. (Part of this talk will be based on the library I've had the opportunity to build using KeyPaths Since Swift 5.1 introduced the use of typed key paths along with the attribute @dynamicMemberLookup and this addition provides some interesting use cases, alongside many pitfalls, this will also be covered.
SALA 500
15 November 2019 15:30 - 16:20


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