Stefano Mondino

iOS Technical Leader


Stefano Mondino
iOS Technical Leader - Synesthesia
Multimedia engineer with multiple programming languages knowledge.7-years+ experience in mobile applications development on iOS. More than 100 apps developed and delivered.Full-stack development and devOpsCurrently working @Synesthesia as tech leader of mobile area (iOS and Android) and team leader of the iOS team (15+ developers)Creator of Boomerang, a Swift micro-framework for MVVM rapid developmentCreator of Murray, a Swift CLI for software project templating and quick scaffolding Open-source contributor to the RxSwift Community2018 SwiftHeroes speaker with ''RxSwift for UI'' talk

Reactive programming in mobile development has been a trend topic for years. But it has always been a critical choice for developers who don't trust in external open source frameworks like ReactiveCocoa or RxSwift as the main foundation of their apps.With Apple releasing Combine (and its deep integration with SwiftUI), developers finally get an official way to ''go the reactive way'', which simplifies the way programming tasks are handled by providing chainable Providers and Subscribers.In this talk we'll explore the basic concepts of Combine understanding how common features can be ''wrapped'' inside the new framework and ''combined'' with each other.
SALA 500
15 November 2019 12:10 - 12:50


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