Designing a Design System
Shai Mishali

Synchronizing design teams with engineering teams is a huge challenge.

As teams scale, new growing pains start around how to properly align colors and other design details between teams, in a uniform way.

This talk will feature our very own story on how we solved this problem at Gett using existing tooling we had (Zeplin, CI Systems) as well as a custom automation solution we named Prism, allowing to generate design-specific code for different developer platforms, based on the design team's style guide and design system.
In this talk you'll learn:
  • - What are the pains of Design & Dev teams?
  • - What are some existing solutions? How do they fall short?
  • - What do you have to gain by solving this problem for your team? Does it have a high enough ROI?
  • - Take routine tasks - Automate them.
  • - Prism - a Swift-based CLI to generate complete color and text styles code sheets from existing Design Systems.
  • - Explain the full flow of how this system works - from the design team building a new feature, to how they push this new code to the dev team.
  • - The future evolution of this Design System solution.
  • - How can you apply this technique to your own company?
SALA 500
15 November 2019 09:15 - 10:10


  • Development
  • Design
  • Development