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The International Swift Conference Direct to Your Device

About Swift Heroes Digital

Swift Heroes Digital is a two day – all digital – event addressing this year’s hottest iOS topics.

Swift Heroes Digital is a two day event, for developers, designers and project managers at all levels of experience with the Swift platform. Combining resources from the Swift Heroes Global network, we’re excited to be bringing you this international, interactive event. This year’s agenda is covering: UIKit – iOS Architecture – functional programming – Xcode projects – SwiftUI – Security – MongoDB, and much more.

Agenda announced

Swift Heroes Digital is covering this year’s most important iOS topics. You can watch live, or tune in after, to make sure that you’re up to date with the latest changes and approaches in iOS dev.
Expert speakers will be addressing:  UIKit – iOS Architecture – functional programming – Xcode projects – SwiftUI – Security – MongoDB, and much more.

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Swift Heroes Digital will be brought to you on ADVENTO.LIVE, a new digital event platform with sophisticated functionality to provide a seamless event experience.

– Connect, network and meet with other event speakers, sponsors and participants. Arrange your meetings by your preferences and interests so that you only make high value connections.
– Live streamed presentations and q&a, for instantaneous interaction with the audience and speakers
– Presentations available post event so that you can re-watch valuable content and share useful links with your team and colleagues
– Digital exhibition with multi media features to give a ‘hands on’ experience of the services and solutions available to you

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We’ll open up the digital platform some days before the event, so you can create a profile and start getting to know your fellow attendees.

The more you say about yourself, the more likely you’ll meet people most relevant to you.

Make sure your networking starts on the right foot

event materials

Event materials

Event materials will be published post-event and we are expecting an additional 10,000 views in the three months following the event.



Bring your brand power to the Swift Heroes Digital experience.

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